When product and marketing love each other very much…

Last week, the director of mobile ads at Google stood up in front of over 700 marketers and thanked me for promoting his product in the most incredible way. He gave me this T-shirt – which will now be honored by being placed in my drawer of “real” shirts rather than the drawer dedicated specifically to the over 30+ Google T-shirts I’ve accumulated over the years.

Mobile apps rule!

As a marketer in Silicon Valley, I strive every day to create campaigns as magical and measurable as the product itself – as well as the engineering that went into its creation. With the latest campaign my team and I completed, we think we’ve finally succeeded at showing just how awesome a mobile ad can be.

We’ve calculated that people have spent on average over 1:30 on the ad – that’s comparable to giving 3 full TV commercials your undivided attention.

If you’re in the US and want to check this out for yourself, visit http://www.uncoveryourworld.com on your iPhone. I’d love to hear what you think! In true Silicon Valley fashion, my next task is to outdo this one.

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