A tale of two islands

In the week and a half I spent in England and Ireland, I learned that…

There’s no better place than Southbank on a clear night in London

Tower Bridge at night

The UK has consistently the best Indian food of any Western country. I’m partial to Tayyabs and Shampan on Brick Lane.

Welsh words make me smile

Say that three time fast

The Irish are known for amazing beer

Honestly, Guinness outside the UK tastes watered down

…delicious wild strawberries

The smaller, the sweeter

beautiful, haunting ruins

Muckross Abbey in Killarney

amazing bed & breakfasts
I can’t recommend Petra House in Galway or Friars Glen in Killarney enough.

The dogs of Friars Glen

gorgeous countryside

The Burren in County Clare

…did I mention gorgeous countryside?

Cliffs of Moher

The Irish are *not* known for efficiency

Yes, the other counter is closed

considerate pedestrians

Just another day in the countryside

or wide streets

No side mirrors were harmed in this trip

I want to go back so badly.

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