All things in perspective

Over the past 7 days I have:

  1. gotten sick during a Tahoe trip and had to watch others ski from the cabin
  2. stayed sick and had to cancel a long-planned trip to Hawaii
  3. been in so much pain that an attempt to brush my teeth brought me to tears
  4. overdrafted my checking account for the first time ever
  5. had Jeremy drive me to a doctor’s appointment, which resulted in his car getting towed
  6. been unable to eat anything other than soup and hummus

However – this morning, I could not remember feeling happier.

After waking up, laid in bed for over 10 minutes, sulking from ongoing pain. Jeremy (who had just had his car towed last night) jumped on me, tickling and telling jokes until I finally could not stop smiling. He then announced that he was staying home from work to make sure that I was getting better.

7 days of misery were completely wiped away by one kind gesture.

For the next few days as I count the hours until my next dose of Vicodin, I’ll remember that pain truly is fleeting and insignificant. I’m lucky enough to have people in my life to remind me of that.

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